Carrie Dick

Holistic Health Coach

I always thought I lived a healthy life, until I started having pain and couldn’t understand why. After the birth of our second child in 2006, my joints in my lower extremities were sore and achy on a regular basis. My rheumatologist couldn't find anything wrong with me. I chalked it up to wear and tear from carrying 2 - 10lb babies within a year of each other. I accepted her opinion and thought my pain and soreness would be my new normal.

But, I don't give up that easy...

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I had never worked with a health coach prior to working with Carrie. I was nervous to share the details of my health with someone. Carrie made everything so comfortable! She’s so easy to talk to. She’s compassionate and patient. She’s transformed my life and my family forever! The tools she’s provided have really educated me on the importance of my nutrition. She’s motivated me to implement healthy habits and to take control of my wellness. I’m so excited to see my continued transformation.

Michele Edwards, Christian Business Coach



My Story

Fast forward………. January 2012 I was training for my first 5K.  I started having bladder issues.  Again I thought, it must be those adorable big babies God blessed me with.  My family physician sent me to a urology clinic, where I learned I have a neurogenic bladder. Meaning my brain does not correctly tell my bladder what to do.  When they learned my mom had Multiple Sclerosis they gave me a referral to see a neurologist.  I went through a very thorough work up, including a visit to the Mayo Clinic.  Unfortunately, no one could tell me why I was having severe joint pain, numbness and tingling, weakness and problems with my bowel and bladder.  The neurologist decided to call it Multiple Sclerosis even though my tests were negative, because that was the only thing that made sense.  She said there really was no good medication on the market to help with the type of MS I had.  Frustrated and angry, I was not going to accept living like this. With no one able to help me, I figured I better do something to help myself.  I was suffering each and every day, and my symptoms continued to get worse.  

In February 2013, with help and encouragement from a close friend, I decided to cut wheat/gluten out of my diet and see if and how it would affect me.  If I couldn't control what was going on within my body, at least I could control what I was putting into my body.  

Amazingly within 2 months I was virtually pain-free!! I still can't believe it!  I felt better than I had in years!!!  With encouragement, from this same friend, in July of 2013 I enrolled in the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  I thought it would be a great place to learn how to take care myself and my family.  I was surprised how God ignited a passion within me, for health and wellness.  Even more exciting, He would help me turn what I have learned into a thriving practice where I am able to help others on a much deeper level.

I now follow a clean and simple way of eating, with very little processed food.  Changing the way I eat has given me more energy, less pain, decreased numbness and tingling, better sleep and more focus.  Migraine headaches, which I was diagnosed with at age 4, are all but gone.  And the bonus kicker…. I have lost 20+ pounds without even trying. YES!! Every member of my immediate family has seen huge improvements in their health, even our adorable big babies who are now 11 and 12.

I have created my own path to balanced wellness and though at times I may trip or be pulled off my path..... I always get back up and keep going!!!

Some people live to eat………  Now I eat to live!!!!

Learn how I can help you gain better health and well-being.